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Brighton 448 wins award.

24 Mar 2022

448 Brighton 'A Life in Art' wins 2021 UDIA Medium Density Development Award.

The Urban Development Institute of Australia’s (UDIA) Awards for Excellence are a celebration and promotion of the knowledge, skills, and innovation of the Australian urban development industry.

Initiated in 1996 the Awards showcase the urban development industry’s world-class developments and invite the public to learn more about the exceptional projects happening across the nation.

A UDIA Award is a true sign of excellence, quality, and industry best practice.

The awards provide an opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the contributions to the industry by all industry professionals including architects, engineers, environmental professionals, and consultants.

We are proud to be a part of 448 Brighton "A Life in Art" by Sunkin Property Group!

Congratulations to 448 Brighton on winning the UDIA Victoria Award for Excellence 2021 in the category of Medium Density Development.

The Project Team:

Sunkin Property Group


Jack Merlo

Bayside City Council

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